What is Harvest?

What is Harvest for the Hungry?

It’s a massive annual fundraiser for The West Ohio Food Bank. Several churches, businesses and individuals in Allen County, Ohio work to has raise enough to provide food for over 45,000 individuals in need in the Lima area.

A little history:

The seeds for Harvest for the Hungry were sown in 1991 when the youth of Shawnee United Methodist Church began collecting canned goods during a Sunday night Youth Meeting. The overwhelming response and growing need sparked an initiative to find a more systematic way of meeting the need.

As a result, Harvest for the Hungry officially began in 1994, when it was discovered that the West Ohio Food Bank could purchase food for pennies a pound and then distribute it to those in need more efficiently than any other group is able.

In 2014 we provided over 380,000 meals.

If you would like more information on our Harvest for the Hungry campaign, or would like to get involved, please contact us! NoMoreHunger@HarvestForTheHungry.net


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